Dark, Delicious, and Decadent… The Sweet Spot of Petite ~ Petite Sirah Port

In late 1979, the first Petite Sirah Port was produced in Napa Valley. The increase of producing a Petite Port is on the rise, as evidenced by the members of PS I Love You, when queried, “Who among you produces a Port?”

Putting it into context, PS I Love You membership is only 73 producers; while there are 897 producers, and that number is continually growing. So, to say that we have members who produce a Port, gives us a logical inference that there are many, many more producers today of Petite Sirah Port, than we can imagine.

The reason most often cited by member producers is that this is a very flavorful grape variety and makes delicious Port.

With Thanksgiving coming up, these Petite Ports will dazzle your palates at the end of that very big and delicious meal…

Who’s who in the PS I Love You world, and why they make a Port, in their own words. I’m also giving a link for each one, in the event that you’d like to order a bottle, before that big day:

    • Limited Production: Aromas of ripe blueberries, mocha, fresh ground coffee beans and vanilla. Soft, silky and sexy, this “Port” is a decadent treat for your senses!
    • We make a PS port. Blend of PS and Zin.
    • It is a dessert red made from 95 percent late harvest Petite Sirah from Tim Waits vineyards and some small amounts of Ficklin port.
    • We can’t call it Port, but yes, Clayhouse makes a Petite Sirah dessert wine, sometimes with a little Tannat, sometimes vintage dated, sometimes non vintage.
    • [It’s fortified, because I asked.]
    • Concannon currently has a 2010 Petite Sirah Port. –and it’s delicious!
    • Estrella Creek made a Late Harvest 100% Petite Sirah back in 2006.
    • We’ve kind of offered in very limited release and have somewhere around 10 cases left.
    • We’ll probably make another one in 2014.
    • We make a non-vintage Tawny port that has 66% Petite Sirah port in it that we are currently selling.
    • Our 10-year Tawny port is a blend of ports that have at least 10 years of in-house barrel age, which gives it its “tawny” caramel color.
    • This release is a blend of 50 percent Petite Sirah port, 16 percent 1999 Petite Sirah port, 9 percent 1999 Mourvedre port, 9 percent 2001 Syrah port, 8 percent 1998 Zinfandel port, and 8percent 1999 Syrah port.
    • 135 cases were bottled on August 11, 2011 @ 18 percent alcohol.
    • Our celebrated Staten Family Reserve Petite Sirah and Vintage Port wines provide a rare experience of California wine history.
    • Their fruit comes from our carefully tended estate vineyard planted in 1894, by an Italian farm family in Alexander Valley.
    • We do have a 2010 Petite Sirah Port, RRV.
    • It retails for $35 for a 375ml bottle, and it’s only available in the tasting room.
    • We blend PS into our Zin port, but our 2011 will be all PS.
    • It is about 19 percent alcohol and 8.5 percent RS.
    • Produces both a Port and a Reserve Port.
    • Our ruby Petite Sirah Port is rich with aromas of dark cherry, blueberry and hints of sweet blackberry pie.
    • This port is smooth and finishes velvety, luscious and seductive.
    • We make a port that is called Opportunity. It plays off our name: Occasio = Opportunity in Latin.
    • Our first port, rated 89 by Wine Enthusiast (our 2010) was 50:50 Zinfandel and Petite. We had a barrel of each one and blended.
    • We have one in the bottle, but it won’t be available until 2014.
    • Biale has made Port since 2007 via the classic method of treading the must – three times daily.
    • The gentle extraction of color and flavor from the grapes’ skins under the light pressure of the human foot is a time-honored old world technique and produces deeply textured and flavored port of softness and elegance.
    • Besides, walking on grapes is great fun and a good workout!
    • Our Petite Sirah Port was produced from our oldest block 401.
    • Because this Block is on very dry, gravely soil the grapes tend to be stressed and ripen at a lower sugar.
    • After pressing, the wine was aged in small neutral oak barrels for 18 months.
    • The nose is of sweet ripe blueberries, plums, and blackberry syrup.
    • The mouth feel is sweet but with perceptible tannins.
    • The relatively high acid keeps the sugar in balance and will ensure the longevity of this wine.
    • We produce a Port using Petite Sirah, but it’s a blend.
    • Segredo is a limited production fortified wine crafted from the traditional Touriga port varietal.
    • Our unique “secret” is the addition of a small percentage of Petite Sirah that adds layers of richness.

Suggested food pairings, by FENESTRA WINERY: Pair with roasted nuts, aged cheeses, nut tortes, pecan pie, or flan.


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