Dark & Delicious 2015 is on February 20, 2015

Tweet About the ® in Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah®… It’s the Ninth Annual! ← This image to the left, is NOT a PS I LOVE YOU event. ← This one is a case of registration infringement. ← If other entities didn’t decide that Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah ® events would be way cool and groovy to host, and they do, we wouldn’t have had to register our...

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Annual thank you picnic for Petite Sirah volunteers and Groupies

Tweet What goes round and round and round again? The ‘Res Ipsa Loquitor‘ mutual admiration society… [pronounced rayz ip-sah loh-quit-her (the thing speaks for itself)] On Sunday, August 17, PS I Love You and Kent Rosenblum (below, from Rock Wall Wine Company) hosted our annual volunteer and Groupies picnic. The following is a thank you Email that I got from Brain and Nancy...

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Petite Sirah – Harvest 2014 and where it’s at right now

Tweet As I personally think about Petite Sirah for the 2014 vintage, in terms of this year’s grape season, it’s going down as the season of “bewitching fog” in my neighborhood. However, I’m in Russian River Valley and I’m seeing it from a very narrow band, I just found out. I decided to reach out to the members of PS I Love You, to get them to reply to me, in...

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Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah®

Tweet Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® … This coming Friday evening (February 21, 2014) is the Eighth Annual Dark & Delicious event, put on by PS I Love You… a labor of love for all included within this story. (The name says it all, really, doesn’t it?) Each year, as Jose and I plan this massive Dark & Delicious event together, without the luxury of a full time staff...

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Sweet Spot of Petite ~ Petite Sirah Port

Tweet Dark, Delicious, and Decadent… The Sweet Spot of Petite ~ Petite Sirah Port In late 1979, the first Petite Sirah Port was produced in Napa Valley. The increase of producing a Petite Port is on the rise, as evidenced by the members of PS I Love You, when queried, “Who among you produces a Port?” Putting it into context, PS I Love You membership is only 73 producers; while there are 897...

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Putting the Delicious in Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah®

Tweet Putting the Delicious in Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® are the great foodies that join our fantastic event… And I use “fantastic,” because of all of the people who show up… wineries, foodies, and avid fans of this cult variety. The life blood of any event is the volunteerism that goes into it. Imagine the Tournament of Roses parade without volunteers, for...

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