Occasio Winery

Contact: John Kinney

Address: 2245 South Vasco Road

City: Livermore

State: CA

Zip: 94550

Phone: 925-371-1987

Membership: Small

Date Joined: August 07, 2009

E-mail: info@occasiowinery.com

Web Site: Occasio Winery

Comments: Descendants of fifteen generations of farmers, John Kinney and his family have always been aware of the fleeting nature of opportunity. Beginning in school when his debate teacher introduced him to the Latin phrase "Occasio aegre offertur, facile amittitur," John realized those were the words to live by - to know that the right moment comes along rarely and is easily lost. It is this attention to timeliness confronting both winegrower and maker that determines every event in the winemaking process, from the perfect harvest to the calculated release of a finished wine. Our principles are guided by this ancient mantra, which allows each wine to express its own most perfect nature. The fleeting nature of opportunity is illustrated in the design of our labels. The winged, vintage pocket watch signifies not only the uniqueness of each moment of time, but how quickly these moments pass. Look closely and you will discover some of the tools of our passion. From the images that grace our label to the unique nature of our wines, we pay tribute to opportunity and the elusive perfection of timing.

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