EOS Estate Winery

Contact: Steve Felten

Address: P.O. Box 1179

City: Paso Robles

State: CA

Zip: 93447

Phone: (805) 239-2562

Fax: (805) 239-2317

Membership: Individual

Date Joined: August 08, 2003

E-mail: stevef@eosvintage.com

Web Site: EOS Estate Winery

Vineyard: Peck Ranch (Cupa Grandis and EOS), Brother's Ranch (EOS and Novella)

Acres of Vineyards: 625 Petite Sirah 88

Name of Label: Cupa Grandis (100% Peck Ranch)

Suggested Retail: $45.00

Name of Label: EOS Estate (60% Peck Ranch, 40% Brother's Ranch)

Suggested Retail: $25.00

Name of Label: Novella (100% Brother's Ranch)

Suggested Retail: $14.00

Comments: Here at EOS, we believe that "fun" is the key ingredient in winemaking. We focus on teamwork and passion, and it is natural that Petite Sirah has become our flagship varietal, as this grape expresses the untraditional, spicy and sexy side of wine. We feel that structure and balance are supreme. Our Petite Sirah is never bitter or astringent, and the Paso Robles terroir allows us that finesse without sacrificing fruit or intensity. We like to say that Petite Sirah is "Syrah with an attitude!"

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