Grizzly Republic Wines

Contact: Brian Cheeseborough

Contact: Winemaker

Address: P.O. Box 10520

City: Salinas

State: CA

Zip: 93912

Phone: 559-351-1380

Membership: Small

Date Joined: February 01, 2010


Comments: Our philosophy is built upon old world traditions, new world experience, our winemaker's palate and his vignerons. Decisions are never made on a whim or without thought. The vineyards are selected not by where they are, but what is planted in the soil. Harvesting decisions are the critical component of winemaking; each vineyard block is monitored; with each varietal having been chosen from specific terroir for a purpose. We select vineyards all across California and strive to achieve a sustainable harvest with each of our vignerons. Our founding winemaker is a sixth generation Californian and takes pride in his heritage. It is his spirit that has driven everything that has been harvested, pressed and bottled. The approach to our wine is artisanal; keeping the lots small until the final blends are developed to derive an individual style in each of our hand-crafted wines. Each lot is slowly assembled during elevage, evaluated individually and properly aged according to its inherent quality and style in the barrel. Often, we will choose to further age the wine in the bottle for optimal character.

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