Stage Left Cellars

Contact: Melinda Doty, Owner

Address: 2102 Dennison Street, Suite A

City: Oakland

State: CA

Zip: 94606

Phone: 510-434-9930

Membership: Small

Date Joined: January 06, 2011

Web Site: Stage Left Cellars


Like many small wineries, Stage Left grew out of a passion for wine...collecting, drinking, studying, experimenting. But more importantly, Stage Left grew from the thread of experiences and adventures that came with that passion. Some might say that the more we drank, the better the idea of starting a winery sounded. Is that wrong?

At the end of the day, wine opened doors to new cultures, new friends, and lasting memories. In so many ways, it has been a catalyst for change in our lives. Yet isn't it just a freaking beverage? How can a "simple" drink have such an impact?

In the most basic sense, Stage Left is our path to discovery. It's our exit from the every day. One we hope to share with you.

What's your stage left?

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