Pat Paulsen Vineyards

Contact: Monty Paulsen

Contact: Winemaker

Address: 1203 Pine Street

City: Oakland

State: CA

Zip: 94607

Phone: (510) 419-0172

Membership: small

Date Joined: January 11, 2013


Web Site: Pat Paulsen Vineyards

Comments: Founded by Sonoma County vintner Pat Paulsen and his wife Jane in 1976, Pat Paulsen Vineyards garnered tremendous praise and a wide following, establishing itself as one of the first successful and well-respected of what later has come to be known as “celebrity-owned” wineries. The flagship wine, an Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from the Paulsen Estate Vineyard earned many gold medals throughout the years, taking “Best of Show” awards at prestigious competitions. After establishing the winery as a serious player in the premium wine field, Pat Paulsen Vineyards also released some very successful “fun” wines, such as White House White, Refrigerator White and American Gothic Red. The winery closed in the early 1990’s, but 20 years later, Pat’s son Monty Paulsen, a graduate of the UC Davis School of Winemaking and Duke Fuqua School of Business, has revived the winery and the brand, and is continuing the tradition of producing outstanding wines of great value and serious quality. With his muse Gigi Benson marketing and sister Terri Paulsen leading sales they aim to top the legacy they inherited with "each and every bottle".

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