Glamazon Wines

Contact: Jonathan Walters

Contact: Vineyard and Wine Manager

Address: 755 East HWY 20

City: Upper Lake

State: CA

Zip: 95485

Phone: (832) 545-8799

Date Joined: January 16, 2013


Web Site: Glamazon Wines

Comments: We are a 100 Acre Vineyard which makes 300 cases annually with our estate grapes. Family Owned and Operated. Robinson Lake Vineyard is a family run and operated vineyard. It was purchased in 2009 as an existing Vineyard in Upper Lake, California. It is located in the Lake bottom of historic Robinson Lake. Its loamy soil, lakeside micro-climate and beautiful California weather patterns makes this the ideal place to grow quality grapes for winemaking. We continue to work hard, using sustainable practices, to turn this property into one of Lake County’s premier grape producers. We are strong believers of deficient irrigation and dry farming and try to use these practices as much as possible. Through their website, you will be able to see what's happening with the grapes throughout the growing season in our calendar and photo section. You can also check on their bulk wine!

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