Overland Wines

Contact: Dick Keenan | Proprietor

Address: 171-15th Avenue

City: San Francisco

State: CA

Zip: 94118

Phone: (415) 378-9830

Membership: small

Date Joined: December 01, 2014

E-mail: dick.keenan@gmail.com

Web Site: Overland Wines

Comments: My wife Kathy McNamara and I make Overland wines from our Kick Ranch vineyard in Sonoma County. We grow and sell small lots of ultra premium grapes to select wineries in Sonoma and Napa, California. Overland's mission is to make bold, flavorful wines that show why the Kick Ranch vineyard is a source for extraordinary wines. Overland's name and labels honor the spirit of discovery and risk taking that marked the Nineteenth Century Westward Migration in America. Kick Ranch was first settled by a pioneer family that walked overland almost 2000 miles on the western trails that began on the Missouri River near Omaha, Nebraska. They walked across America to start a new life, and they bought the land we now farm. By 1875, those pioneers had planted 25 acres of vineyards. Over the years, whether due to Prohibition or changes in fortune, the vines disappeared. As it turns out, we didn't plant Kick Ranch, we restored it to a purpose and focus first set over 125 years earlier. Ten years after our first harvest, we released our first Overland wines. In creating a label and the Overland brand, we wanted to honor not only the pioneers who journeyed so far but all who work hard at whatever they do and bring effort and optimism to all that they do.

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