Diamond Ridge Vineyards

Contact: Jake Stephens

Contact: Owner

Address: 17918 W Oregon Ave

City: Litchfield Bark

State: AZ

Zip: 88340

Phone: 623-935-6025

Fax: 6236-935-4418

Membership: Small

Date Joined: April 05, 2010

E-mail: dbvjs@aol.com

Web Site: Diamond Ridge Vineyards

Comments: As much as we'd love to be considered noble men, the truth is that idealistic farmers don't survive. You play the hand you are dealt, exploit your advantages and minimize your risks. The situation of most farmers compels them to focus on productivity and efficiency if they are smart. It just happens that our site won't sustain that approach. That's because our soils naturally limit production. Our only edge is the ability to command a premium price for premium fruit. Therefore, the mantra of Diamond Ridge Vineyards can be summed up in one word ~ Quality. Quality is our key to survival! Super-premium wine grapes are delicate vessels which perfectly reflect the environment in which they are grown. We believe in the principle that truly great and distinctive wines are produced in the vineyard and refined in the winery. Our winery customers sign contracts with us because we supply what their winemaking process cannot: intense fruit aromas, color and minerality. These qualities are our stock-in-trade. The hilarious truth is that we are not really in the "grape" business! Our grapes are not "filler." They are the secret weapon, the essential components of many top North Coast blends. The paradox is that to make their blends work for consumers, our Napa and Sonoma winery clients need to find top quality, reasonably priced blending components outside the appellations where they're based. We supply the distinctive terroir characteristics our land provides - unsurpassed fruit aromas, color and palate energy -- at a higher standard and a fraction of the price of their own local growers.

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