Aratas Wine

Contact: John and Mickey Chohany, Owners

Address: 1221 Duhig Rd

City: Napa

State: CA

Zip: 94559

Membership: Small

Date Joined: January 05, 2011


Web Site: Aratas Wine


Aratas represents the best of old world tradition and new world innovation. Founding brothers John and Mickey Chohany's proud Hungarian heritage stems from their Father and a family still rooted in Europe.

John married Stephanie Douglas, an entrepreneurial spirit from a west coast bay area family. She shared her enthusiasm of fine wine and her love for the Napa Valley and introduced John and Mickey to long time friends and respected Napa winemakers Mike and Tracy Drash. For several years, the friends produced a small amount of fine wine together. A powerful Petite Sirah produced and bottled by hand, the goal simply to make enough wine for their personal enjoyment. Then, in 2008, the recession presented them with the opportunity to take their craft in a more serious direction. Always passionate that quality cuisine and fine wine are meant to be paired, they created Aratas.

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