Mineral Wines

Contact: Brett Keller

Contact: Proprietor

Address: 769 Dogtown Road

City: Angels Camp

State: CA

Phone: 209 743-4100

Membership: small

Date Joined: January 05, 2015

E-mail: brett@mineral-wines.com

Web Site: Mineral Wines

Comments: Mineral Wines is a cuvee of our passion for wine and our love for the beauty of minerals. Enjoy the flavors of Mineral… Join us at our vineyard estate Weekends 12 - 5:30 pm California is home to vast natural resources that help this country thrive. Not only is California famous for its gold, but for a literal treasure trove of beautiful gem minerals. Mineral Wines are grown and made in Calaveras County, where there is an illustrious history of wine in addition to the works of Mark Twain and the wit of the pen of Bret Harte. During the years of the Gold Rush of 1849 gold was not the only treasure mined in this region, grapes and wine, too, were treasured. Italian and other 49ers, being immersed in the culture of wine, planted grapes here to keep with their family traditions. During this time Calaveras County was the leading producer of wine grapes in California.

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