Graveyard Vineyards

Contact: Rob and Paula Campbell-Taylor

Contact: Proprietors

Address: 6990 Estrella Road

City: San Miguel

State: CA

Zip: 93451

Phone: (805) 467-2043

Membership: small

Date Joined: December 02, 2015


Web Site: Graveyard Vineyards

Comments: Graveyard Vineyards sits atop a picturesque hill on Estrella Road, one mile off Airport Rd in Paso Robles. Located at our big oak tree driveway, is the historic Pleasant Valley Cemetery. This landmark began back in the 1860's, when the surrounding area of land was the town of Estrella and the original landowner donated an acre of his property for the new First Presbyterian Church. Once the church was built, the landowner's wife passed away and was buried next to the church, creating the "graveyard". Many towns' people followed suit until the church burnt down in 1896. Neither the town of Estrella nor the church lasted, but the little graveyard continues on to this day. It is now named The Pleasant Valley Cemetery and is cared for by community volunteers just as in the 1800's." Our reputation and wine club membership keeps growing from our award-winning wines that deep in flavor and complexity-and consistency year after year. It is truly WINE TO DIE FOR!®

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