Concannon Vineyard

Contact: Jim Concannon - Adam Richardson

Address: 4590 Tesla Road

City: Livermore

State: CA

Zip: 94550

Phone: (925) 456-2505

Fax: (925) 456-2511

Membership: Organizational

Date Joined: February 07, 2003


Web Site: Concannon Vineyard


Since 1883, Concannon Vineyard has been a trailblazer in California wine. Our story started when James Concannon immigrated to America over 130 years ago. He was a maverick who challenged the status quo, and was one of the first to craft Bordeaux-style wines in California.

Before 1961, Petite Sirah was used worldwide mainly as a blending grape; however, Jim Concannon recognized this luscious variety's potential and is now honored for being first to release Petite Sirah as a standalone varietal wine from his 1961 vintage.

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