Petite Sirah Food Recommendations

Spinach and Leek White Bean Soup

Quick and simple to make, this white bean soup with spinach and leeks is delicious and filling.

Minestrone Soup II

A hearty minestrone filled with loads of flavor. A rich meal with the ample vegetables, bacon and ground beef. Perfect for a rainy night.

Beef Stew

from Spend with Pennies
The rich flavors of beef stew, with tender meat, vegetables, and hearty broth, pair wonderfully with the bold tannins and the dark fruit flavors of Petite Sirah

Lamb Stew

from Natasha's Kitchen
Lamb has a bit of a gamey taste, and it adds a dimention to the food & wine pairing, enhancing Petite's complexity.

Chili Con Carne

from Recipe Tin Eats
Chili originated in Spain. Mexico adopted this dish, because it pairs perfectly with red wines, especially with their Petite Sirahs!

Venison Veggie Soup

from All Recipes
This is an easy venison soup recipe, for anyone with a husband, who is an avid hunter. One bowl never seems to be enough!

Mushroom Soup

from Pinch of Yum
A rich and creamy mushroom soup has just the right, earthy flavors to pair well with the bold flavors of Petite Sirah.

Black Bean Soup

from Recette Magazine
Porcini mushrooms and soy sauce amplify the meaty flavors of this vegetarian dish. Also great for vegetarians.

Vegetarian Chili

from The Ambitious Kitchen Cookbook
Petite Sirah, offering bold flavors and a hearty texture, piirs really well with this vegetarian Chili recipe!

Roasted Beet Soup

from Food 52
Roasted beetroot soup with balsamic and thyme is a great vegetarian option. complementing Petite's bold flavors.

Petite Sirah Food Recommendations
Petite Sirah Food Recommendations